9 days in Calháus Building a Cob Bungalow on São Vicente (Cabo Verde)

Date(s) - Saturday, May 21, 2016 - Sunday, May 29, 2016
9:00 am - 2:00 pm

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Nuno and Susana want to create the first ecovillage on São Vicente.  He is a local Cabo Verdian native of São Vicente and she is a Portuguese native.  They have three young children: Lucas (5) and twins Alice and Maria (2).  They have a beautiful piece of virgin land on the Northeast Coast of the island where there are volcanic landscapes and great beaches for surfing and fishing, with all the clay and sand needed right there for building.  The straw will have to come from neighboring Santo Antão, the lush green mountainous island (the largest) of the Cabo Verdian chain.  While Nuno and Susana would like to build their family home out of cob and stone, they want to start with a small structure until they have the finances for the larger one. Thus we will build a 10m2 round room as a first cob building on the land.  Students will learn everything they need to know from analyzing soil to making test bricks, making cob, building walls, inserting windows, shelves, niches, altars, sculpting, plastering and pouring a cob floor in several layers.  Because the structure is small it will be possible to do this all in 9 days.  We will hopefully bring in a local thatch roof specialist who can teach us the vernacular style of CV.

Nuno e Susana querem crear o primeiro ecovila sustentável na ilha de São Vicente na região de Calháu no nordeste.  Ele e nativo de Cabo Verde e ela è portuguesa e tem 3 filhos jovens: Lucas, Maria e Alice.  Tem um terreno novo onde querem crear um sistema agricultural biológico de e de permacultura como modelo para o país.  Vamos construir um cuarto de 10m2 redondo em 9 días aprendendo tudo o necesario para saber como probar a terra, decidir a mezcla, construir muros, instalar janelas e porta, esculpear stantes, nichos, arte nos muros, aplicar o reboque e por o chão, também de terra.  Esse sisteme è económico, lindo, saudável e ecológico e pode ser o futuro da construção nas ilhas de Cabo Verde.


Students are welcome to camp for free on the land or in front of their beach home in Calháu, next to the ocean.  If preferred, the students can also rent shared or private rooms in a condo by the beach or in Mindelo, only 20 minutes away, where there is more action, nightlife, music and culture.  Lunch will be served after the course.  Students are on their own for breakfast and dinner and can buy food at the local markets to prepare themselves or check out the many bistros, cafes and restaurants for local specialties.


São Vicente is one of the main tourist islands of Cabo Verde and most flights go through here first, thus it is probable to get a direct flight here from a European capital with TACV, TAP, TuiFLy, Vueling, RAM, and others.  Also there are direct flights to Cabo Verde from Rhode Island and Boston now. 

Note there is a $25 visa for the month as you come into the country. No vaccinations required. No malaria but bring a mosquito net!


The preferred payment method would be using Paypal or Western Union.  The NEW cost of the workshop is ONLY 100€.  Using Paypal you would need to have or set up an account and then “Send Money” to “claudinedesiree@gmail.com”.  Please send in US$ and add 4% for the commission.  A cheaper option is to use Western Union and make a payment online from your bank account into mine for only US$5 fee.

Favor de fazer o pagamento para quarta feira o 18 de maio ao mais tarde na Farmacía do Leão com Nuno Mões.



Location: Nuno and Susana's Land