Cob Oven & Benches in Romania

Date(s) - Sunday, September 13, 2020 - Sunday, September 20, 2020
9:00 am - 5:30 pm


Our hosts will be the lovely young family comprised of Sarai, Aurel and Isarin who we will be building a cob/straw bale home for in the preceding 6 weeks.  All the details regarding the hosts and location can be seen here.




Professional Baker’s Oven in Puerto Rico built by CCG Instructor Viva Hansen and local students.

We will be building a community-size cob oven for baking everything in fueling it with the plentiful wood in the forest behind the Quinta.  Students will build the foundation, insulation, and three oven shells (inner, insulation, outer) and finish with plaster.  The high heat-exposed cob is different than the building cob used for the benches and external sculpted shell and students will learn the difference and how to figure out each mix.  The oven and benches will allow for maximum creativity that will depend on the students’ input and inspiration!  All materials will be as local as possible and students will be building all phases with some lecture time to support the hands-on work.




Nevada City, California students built this community oven and earthen cooker.

The 7-day workshop will begin on Sunday evening, September 13, with dinner at 6pm, followed by an Opening Circle, Introduction to the Site & Region and to the Workshop.  Monday morning September 14th at 9am we begin building the foundation. There will be hands-on building for 4 hours in the morning followed by lunch and rest for 1.5 hours. At 2:30pm there will be a 30-60-minute lecture followed by construction in the afternoon.  Students will have time to relax in the afternoon and/or go on a walk or into town if they like before dinner.  There may be someone in the group offering to lead yoga or chi gong movement practice also.




The daily schedule (subject to slight modifications due to climate) will be:

6:30-7:30 Yoga/Chi Gong/Meditation                                                                                7:30-8:30 Breakfast
8:45-1:00 Class
1:00-2:30 Lunch
2:30-5:30 Class
5:30-7:00 Rest/Yoga
7:00-8:00 Dinner



Portugal students form the sand dome

The first 1-2 days of the workshop will be building the foundation out of local rock, broken concrete or even tires. Day 3 we will add insulation layers and build the support for the oven. Day 4 we will place the bricks for the oven floor and create the sand form and inner cob shell.  On Day 5 we will focus on the benches so the oven can dry.  We will be building the foundations and covering them with cob.  On Day 6 we will empty the oven (if ready to be emptied), and cover it with the insulation layer in the morning and the final sculpting cob layer in the afternoon. After sculpting is complete, on Day 7 everything will be plastered.  And, if the sand is out, we may even be able to light it and make pizza! Yippee!!!!  This is the general schedule that may be slightly modified if things are moving along faster or slower…




Students will need to come prepared for building from Day 1.

This includes:

Work clothes appropriate for the country and climate we are in
Work boots or other closed-toe shoes (for foundation work)
Flip-flops (for cob days)
Rubber dishwashing gloves (for lime mortar for foundation)
Work Gloves (for carrying rocks)                                                                                            
4”-6” Diameter Round Plastic Container Lids (for plastering)
Good Moisturizer
Water Bottle
Sample of Your Soil (Optional)

Please get the excellent cob oven bible by Kiko Denzer called “Build Your Own Earth Oven”…noone has written a better one yet. Amazon has it of course… as do others.  There are many inspiring pictures and it will prepare you well for what’s to come.

Students need to tend to their needs like making sure they drink alot of water (clay is drying), get good sleep and stretch before and after class.  This class is not very demanding physically compared to the building workshops but if you are not used to doing any physical work with earth, sand, rocks….you should definitely prepare yourself in the weeks ahead by resting well, stretching, and even carrying rocks around properly.  Also feel free to share your dietary needs (not preferences) with CCG and bring your special snacks and foods, pillow and whatever you NEED to be comfortable and happy. We also encourage you to bring slides, videos, movies and books to share, as well as a sample of your soil to test. And we always play diverse music onsite while we build, so bring your favorite playlists!



Pietris is easily reached by train directly from Bucharest, the international airport you will need to fly into if you are coming by air.  The train station Deda is only 3 km away from the building site. The ticket costs 17 euro. From the train station you can either get picked up by Sarai and Aurel or jump on a minibus for about 50 euro cents and you will have arrived!



Marla is the chocolate mousse queen every time!


Students will be fed 3 high-quality prepared delicious meals a day during the weekdays.  CruzinCobGlobal hosts always serve amazing food to cob students in gratitude for their hard work! Since this is Romania and our host is a chef…there will be fresh and amazing vegetarian food, which will be the basis of our menu.  Students that have non-vegetarian requirements can bring personal items to complete their diet and other requirements can be presented to the cooks a month before the start date so they can make sure to have what is needed.  We will try to meet people’s requirements of course so it is important to communicate them as soon as possible. Meat or fish  may be served once a week depending on students’ interest and availability. On weekends,

Judith’s colorful snacktime always happily received in Portugal

students onsite will be provided with food to make breakfast/brunch and can explore and enjoy the region’s offerings for the other meals!!!

Students will be camping onsite with simple and rustic facilities like compost toilets, hot and cold outdoor showers, an outdoor kitchen & dining area, a yoga/dance space and a cozy hangout communal area with fire circle.   There are many cafés nearby for wifi use and with a SIM card students can have service onsite.



The fee for the 7-day Oven & Benches Workshop which includes tuition, camping and meals is:

Very Early Bird Rate: 560€ (paid in full) by April 13th, 2020

Early Bird Rate: 580€ (paid in full) by June 13th, 2020

Full Rate: 600€, paid by August 13th, 2020

For European residents and others, payment can be made by bank transfer in Euros or you can use Transferwise or Paypal.  For US residents you can also use Zelle or Venmo. To hold your spot  in this workshop you will need to pay the full amount or a 50% deposit that will be non-refundable after July 13th, 2020.  The balance will be due by August 13th, one month before the workshop start date. Please contact for registration forms payment and questions.

We will offer two work trade discounts, 1 in the kitchen making breakfast in the morning and 1 helping prepare the site in the morning before breakfast. Each work trade is for 1.5 hours per day for 10€off per day or 70€ off of either the food cost or the tuition cost, depending on where you are working.  Work traders need to pay a non-refundable 50% deposit at the time of their registration to guarantee their spot. To apply for these work trade positions please contact  as soon as possible because these are the first spots to go.



Beatriz Muñoz or “Bea” is a native Spanish country girl hailing from the East Coast of Spain from a small village near Valencia where she has a farm with her partner and is practicing all her cob skills there!  Bea has lived in various countries and speaks French, English and some Portuguese and has been an English Language teacher as her main profession. Now she is transitioning to being a Cob Teacher as well. Her Spanish passion and fire for Cob Building shows through her every move and excitement as she arrives on the building site every day, ready to do whatever it takes to accomplish the next step!  She has an unyielding drive for anything Earth-based and with her musical skills and love for “la fiesta” she makes any Cob Workshop memorable and fun!
Bea co-led an oven workshop in Pineto, Italy last year and we are fortunate to have her teaching another oven workshop for CCG this year!


Location: Sarah and Aurel's Home