Cob Addition to a House (Fuerteventura, Canary Islands)

Date(s) - Saturday, August 8, 2015 - Friday, August 14, 2015
8:00 am - 2:00 pm



The Project

We will build a 250 square foot cob addition (living room, kitchen, bedroom) to a conventional house with a 2nd story on the end (which we may or may not get to).   We will learn how to make cob the traditional way with our hands and feet first for several days and then take advantage of his giant compost mixer to make large amounts of COB quickly in the mornings so we can focus on construction and getting the walls up.  The goal is to finish at least half of the ground floor walls (with sculpting and decorations), windows and door frames in 1 week, apply a light cob layer to seal the roof of his main house, pour the base floor coat and plaster some or all of the main building interior or go somewhere else to plaster on an existing cob house.  During the workshop we will be inserting windows and artistic elements like bottles, sculptures, mosaic, bookshelves, altars and furniture. While the cement slab is in place we will build the last section of the added rock stemwall for the foundation and cover all aspects of house construction in lectures as always. Students who have completed the 3 or 7-day workshop are invited to stay for the 2nd week (August 15-21) as work exchange helpers putting in 5 hours of work each day for room and board to finish the walls and put in the roof attachments.  We will not be building the roof as part of the 2 weeks, however anyone who wants to stay on and help with Militiadis is welcome to ask.


This workshop is located in one of the sweetest spots I have seen in my travels.  Less than a mile from the “North Shore” world-class surf, kitesurf and windsurf beaches of Fuerteventura, we will be learning and building on an organic farm in the minuscule village of El Roque.  Miltiadis is a Moroccan-born French-Greek 20-year resident of Fuerteventura.  He is a one-man show supplying restaurants, markets and individuals withe the FINEST organic produce on the island.  Miltiadis is a progressive mover and shaker and will be installing the first agricultural Aquaponics system on the islands this month, as well as building the cob addition he always wanted to his half-finished conventional house.  Summer in Fuerteventura is hot and windy, a great combination for getting cob walls up quickly.

Workshop Schedule

Hands-on work/practice hours will be from 8am to 1pm daily, lunch is from 1pm to 2pm, with time after lunch for personal activities.  The area is small and transportation is very easy.  You can hang out on the North Shore beaches of Cotillo (less than a mile away), visit the artsy town of Lajares, the tourist haven of Corralejo and the dune beaches on the East Side.  There is great surf, windsurfing and kitesurfing nearby with equipment for rent.  From 7:30 to9pm we will gather for lectures, discussions, slideshows, DVD’s, music, dancing and some impromptu Thai Massage classes (optional), as well as visit the lovely hangouts in El Cotillo and Lajares, the coolest and artsiest villages of the island.

3-day workshop (August 8-10): Basics of Cob, Foundation, Building Walls, Window Installation,


       7-day Workshop (August 8-14): Also includes Floor, Roof, Plaster, Sculpting & Artistic Elements

Daily Schedule

7:30am to 8:00am:  Breakfast (only for Campers)

8:00am to  1:00pm: Cob Workshop: Hands-On Building

1:00pm to 2:00pm:  Lunch

2:00pm:  Siesta, Beachtime, Touring, Playtime

6:30pm to 7:30pm: Dinner (only for Campers)

7:30pm to 9pm: Lectures, Discussions, Slides

Accomodations & Meals

We will camp and share 3 delicious organic meals with produce from Miltiadis’ fields.  For those of you who prefer to sleep indoors and on a bed, there are many small hotels and hostals in cozy El Cotillo, a short walk away, as well as in lovely  Lajares (4 miles away).  You can also use AirBnB or inquire with Biomilt as he is well-connected and might be able to hook you up with a room in someone’s house nearby. Meals will be mostly organic and vegetarian though there may be some fish meals as an option since we are in the middle of the Atlantic!  There will also be vegan options.  For those who don’t want lunch just subtract 5€ from the cost…however eating together after working and learning together is an essential part of the community experience!

Cost & Registration

3-day workshop : 135 € (only lunch), 150 € (camping & 3 meals)

7-day workshop: 315 € (only lunch), 350 € (camping & 3 meals)

To register, please email me the names and ages of all participants as well as their emails & telephone numbers and make your payment using the Paypal link below (3% processing fee included) or Venmo (no fees)…

Fuerteventura COB Workshop

or you can make a bank deposit into La Caixa (ask for acct number) or pay Meltiade in cash at his farm.  His number is 0034 649 816 171.  A 50% non-refundable deposit will hold your spot with the balance due one week before the workshop begins or August 1.

Please don’t hesitate to contact Claudine or Miltiadis (he speaks French, Spanish & English).

Location: Finca Biomilt