Assistant to Teacher

Cob Workshop Assistant

Once you have taken a Cob workshop with CruzinCobGlobal, you are eligible to assist the teacher in the same level workshop you took or shorter in exchange for room and board.  You will work mostly only during the Course hours (7 hours per day) and are free during the rest of the time and invited to join all activities.  This experience will allow you to review and deepen your knowledge by hearing the lectures again, teaching and mentoring the students, getting personal feedback from the teacher and even make connections for work opportunities and more cob building experience with students and others.  Assistants will also be offered the opportunity to practice teaching one or more parts of the course if they feel ready.  The Cob Assistant position is a volunteer position and whenever possible we try and help with all or part of transportation costs.

You may apply for a position in any upcoming workshop which you are qualified to assist in by emailing and requesting an application .

Cob Workshop Instructor

Once a student has assisted in two of our workshops and built a whole cob structure from foundation to roof on his/her own or leading others, they are ready to begin teaching short 2-3 day workshops which can be organized by CCG or by the student (see Professional Cobber level).  After teaching several short (2-3 days) and medium-length (5-7 days) workshops, and building and completing 2 or more full structures on your own or leading others (see Master Cobber level), you will be ready to teach our 3 standard workshops we offer.  CCG will hire you to teach one of our international workshops.  Your transportation to the site, room and board will be covered by the host and CCG will mentor and support your preparation with documents and teaching materials as well as personal exchanges by email and phone or live.  You will be paid a daily fee which varies with the location, usually between US$150 and US$200 per day.  You will need to arrive about a week before the Workshop begins to help the Host in gathering the materials and tools, preparing the site, and, if needed, guide the foundation building which should already usually be done or almost done.  Teachers who speak other languages fluently enough to teach in (after acquiring some key vocabulary words) are highly desired!  We look forward to building our Global C.O.B. team to cover the Planet!