Building Workshops

35-Day Advanced Cobber Certification

Quinta da Vida Beleza

Lagoa, Azores, Portugal

August/September 2020



35-Day Basic Cobber Certification with BaleCob & Rocket Oven

Weston, Colorado

August/September 2020



19-Day Intensive Advanced Cobber Certification: Sauna & Rocket Heater

Shingletown, California

June 2020

28-Day Intermediate Cob Workshop with Oven and Rocket Stove

Pucón, Chile

February 2020

35-Day Advanced Cob Workshop with Reciprocal Green Roof and “Sara” Adobe Masonry Heater

Nevada City, CA  I  Aug/Sep 2019


28-Day Advanced Cob Workshop with Reciprocal Green Roof plus Cob Oven & Benches

Monte Sobreiro, Portugal

July 2019





35-Day Advanced Cob Workshop with Reciprocal Green Roof and

“Sara” Adobe Masonry Heater

“La Jungla,  Chillán, Chile

February & March 2019


28-Day All-Women’s Complete Cob Workshop in Faial, Azores, Portugal

September 2018


28-Day Complete Cob Workshop in Boncarbo, Colorado

July 2018

21-Day Basic Cob Building Workshop in Guatapé, Colombia

May 2018




28-Day Complete Cob Building Workshop in Taylor, Texas

October 2017


Outdoor Kitchen & Oven in Castro Verde, Portugal  

July/August 2017



Santana 1-Day Cob Bench Workshop, Santa Maria, Azores, Portugal          

July 2017

Sanguinho Cob Sauna & Dressing Room Workshop

São Miguel, Azores, Portugal

June 2017



Sal, Cabo Verde Bungalow Build

May 2017



Marrakesh Hammam Cob & Tadelakt Workshop

November 2016

Brenac Cob Workshop, France

August 2016

São Domingos Cob House, Santiago, Cabo Verde

July 2016

Calháu Cob Cottage, São Vicente, Cabo Verde

May 2016


Abéné Cob Bungalow, Senegal

April 2016

Toubab Dialaw Permaculture Boutique in Senegal

February 2016

Yene Kao Cob House in Senegal

December 2015

And check out this video that tells it all:

El Molino de Guadalmesí: Building a Cob Bathhouse

September 2015

Fuerteventura:  Rock n’ Cob Addition

August 2015

AND FINALLY…..if you’ve gotten this far… sorpresa de Loïc:

Fuerteventura Cob Building Workshop

March 2015



Lavender Hill Workshop in Santa Cruz, California

February 2014