General Information

Hosting a workshop is a great way to learn cob building while creating a wonderful learning community on your property that will help you build part or all of your dream cob house, studio, room, office, etc,  in a fun, supportive and unforgettable co-creative environment.   By hosting a workshop you will also contribute to the expansion of beautiful and peaceful cob landscapes and a greater awareness of earthen building.

To host a workshop you need to have a plan for a building structure, provide all of the materials and tools, provide camping and/or other onsite accomodations (free) and/or other sleeping accommodations elsewhere (paid by student), and provide quality meals for the students.  You need to have good organization skills and plan for healthy wholesome and abundant meals and snacks for hungry builders.  It is also a plus to have ideas for after the work/learning day activities like sitting around a fire, playing music, games, yummy treats, etc.

The students get to learn on a real building site, you get a free workshop for yourself, your structures are built in 1/4 of the time, with professional supervision and more economically (about 25% of labor cost in US and Europe) in a wonderful environment.  Plus, if needed, students are often willing to stay on to complete the roof and finishing touches!

Workshop Options

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Currently there are 3 workshop formats we offer: 10-day, 14-day and 28-day. 

The 10-day workshop provides students with a Basic Cob Certificate. Students build the cob walls, floor and roof connection, including windows, door(s), shelves, sculpting and plaster.  The host is responsible for building the foundation and roof.  We support you every step of the way in preparing for the workshop and foundation with documents and phone/email time.  The Workshop Prep & Management Fee is 200€/$220.  Hosts are responsible for purchasing and delivering materials and tools to their site, organizing housing (on and off property) for students and meals. Hosts cover cost of teacher’s round trip transportation to the site, room and board.  Teacher arrives 5-7 days before the Course begins to assist in finalizing the gathering of materials and tools after performing soil and brick tests to decide on final cob mix proportions to be used, and assists with preparation of workshop site.  The teacher is not responsible for building the foundation but may offer guidance if it is not yet finished.  Foundation should ideally be done before teacher arrives (except for 28-day Workshop) and finished no later than 3 days before the Course begins.  All Materials & Tools should be prepared and on the site no later than1-2 days before Course begins. 

The 14-day workshop provides students with the Intermediate Cob Certificate.  This workshop includes the above plus the roof.  Everything else is the same.  The Workshop Prep & Management Fee is 300€/$330.

The 28-day workshop provides students with the Advanced Cob Certificate.  The Workshop includes all of the above plus the foundation.  The Workshop Prep & Management fee is 400€/$440.

Once a Contract is agreed upon and signed between CCG and the Host, and the Workshop Fee is paid, CCG will provide the Host with all of the preparatory information, including directions on building the foundation if applicable, and communicate as needed by email, Skype and phone to support the Host in preparing for the Workshop.  In addition the Instructor will arrive 5-7 days before the first Workshop day in order to finalize preparations as well as the exact cob mix so that the correct quantities of building materials (soil, sand and straw) can be purchased or gathered and delivered to the site.

For more in-depth details, please inquire at and we can send you the relevant documents.

Please contact us if you are interested. We would love to talk with you.  We are currently heading to Cuba & the Carribbean to work on creating new workshops for 2018, then Brazil for the next Complete Cob Workshop to be held in Bahia.  After that  there will be workshops in Colombia in May and Central America or Cuba in June 2018.  Then we will sail to the Azores for the August Complete Cob Workshop on the beautiful island of Faial, followed by northeastern coastal Italy (still deciding on what will be built) and in November we will be holding another Complete Cob Workshop this time in beautiful Tangier, Morocco!  In December we will sail back to the Carribbean and be in Cuba or possibly Chile! We are always excited to hear from potential hosts so don’t hesitate! We have several trained students who can also teach some shorter workshops on weekends, or oven workshops!