Favorite Ecovillages


Findhorn Foundation www.findhorn.org in Findhorn, Scotland, UK.  I completed their unique Ecovillage Design Education (EDE) course last Fall which covers all the bases (social, ecological, economic, spiritual) in designing the ideal ecovillage! The oldest intentional community in the Western world, with lots of beautiful cool buildings, including the whisky barrel houses, all running on wind power.

Tamera Ecovillage and Peace Center www.tamera.org Monte do Cerro, Portugal Wow! This is a powerful place for personal and global growth in a gorgeous spacious peaceful setting in southern Portugal. Modern-day stone circle and rituals, big female energy, lots of relationship explorations, and then the peace work….many options for work exchange and study.

Valle de Sensaciones www.sensaciones.de Yátor, España Just discovered this heavenly playland of cutting-edge ultimate creativity in a community like you can only imagine. Just visiting the website is a major turn-on! They need more people!

El Molino de Guadalmesi www.molinodeguadalmesi.com Tarifa, España A progressive small group of Dragon Dreaming aficionados that hold a variety of workshops mostly focused on personal growth, community living and processing, inner exploration as well as yoga, natural building, meditation, etc.

La Semilla www.lasemillabolonia.com Bolonia, España A gorgeous 10-year old ecovillage perched on the side of a mountain with a view of Bolonia’s beautiful beach, 2000 year old Roman ruins at Baelo Claudia and Morocco.  A geat variety of unique structures, organic high quality meals, compost toilets and lots of different workshops with teachers from all over. Check it out!

Organic Art Ranch www.organicartranch.org Rachitele, Romania New ecovillage in the mountains of Transylvania (Dracula’s home!) in Eastern Europe. So exciting to see the ecovillages slowly popping up all over the planet, slowly taking over with a new paradigm of Earth, Nature and People Respect!

Quinta Da Vida Beleza (mine!) Mini COB Ecovillage on São Miguel Island in the Azores (Portugal) in the middle of the Alantic Ocean formerly Atlantis! Website coming soon. Offering a quiet refuge to rest, ponder, and self-care yourself in a bungalow or camping. Natural ocean pools a short walk away, offering Thai Massage, Salsa classes and other workshops. Contact Claudine at +1831212-7225 on Whatsapp.

United States

Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage www.dancingrabbit.org  Rutledge, MO First official ecovillage in the US developed with Gaia Foundation’s month-long Ecovillage Design Education Program. Cob and timber frame workshops this summer.

Emerald Earth Ecovillage www.emeraldearth.org Booneville, CA One of the original ecovillages on the West Coast started by Michael Smith and holding natural building workshops year-round. Great location in northern California…