CCG Cobbers’ Businesses

Here you will find out where in the world graduates of our trainings are working and running cob building and workshop businesses and workshops from Brazil to Chile to Italy to the US, so far.  We are proud of them and happy to promote their work in the world of natural building!



Naïana, Priscila and Paula (left to right)

 The Moçabarro Collective – Cob constructions is the result of the meeting between bioconstructors Naiana Máximo, Paula Carneiro and Priscila Bogéa. Our goal is to spread the cob technique in Brazil and encourage more people, especially women, to know and enjoy the many advantages and benefits of this wonderful art of natural construction.

In our opinion, natural construction cannot be restricted to hippie or hype fashion. Regardless, it is one of the urgent and necessary measures for a change of attitude towards terrestrial ecosystems, resuming the paths of respect for nature and planetary healing. So we also regain our autonomy by building with our own hands (and feet!), with the community, family and friends. Certainly people of all ages, talents and affinities will find their place to participate in a clay building.

Moçabarro’s most recent build in Minas Gerais

The Moçabarro Collective has been gathering around the construction of Casa Raiz, at Sítio Iananda (Naiana Máximo), where we have been conducting workshops related to cob construction (introduction to cob, tadelakt, earthen floors and finishes), as well as collaborating with the construction of the house. In August this year we started our first collective building project in Piracaia, SP: a 102m2 house with two bedrooms furnished with built-in closets and niches, both integrated with bathtub, wetted finish made with tadelakt (Moroccan lime plaster), living room, kitchen with wood burning stove, working studio with mezzanine, laundry and tool room, a cob sofa and wood oven on the front porch.

We welcome any inquiries to teach workshops or build in Brazil and South America.

Here are our upcoming events in Brazil:

Online Tadelakt Course from May 1-11 (fundraiser for women in need during quarantine period)

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Priscila Bogéa  – Cob certified by CruzinCobGlobal, working for three months on construction work in Colorado (USA) – building a country house and creating natural finishes on conventional buildings. In a village of artisans in Marrakesh (Morocco), she learned tadelakt – a beautiful technique of natural lime-based finishing, a specialty she is teaching in Brazil.

Naiana Máximo – She met Cob researching the possibilities of building her house with earth and was already delighted with the technique when she had the first practical contact in an oven course. Then went to Colombia to take the training course where she practiced for 3 weeks, certified in Cob by CruzinCobGlobal. She designed and is building her own house at the Iamananda site, Sapucaí-Mirim, MG, where she also offers courses with the Moçabarro Bioconstruction Collective.

Paula Carneiro is a UFBA graduate dancer, certified in cob by CruzinCobglobal in Guatapé, Colombia (3-week course), with 2 months of practice in Colorado, USA, and construction of two wood-burning ovens with benches, in Carrancas (MG) and Pineto (It). She also teaches courses with Moçabarro and is a master builder of the ongoing house in Piracaia, SP.

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